Huddersfield African Caribbean Cultural Trust (HACCT) is currently a Charity that is in the process of reviewing its current structure. We are a are fully constituted with a Management Committee comprising of Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and specified officers responsible for financial management and marketing. We have four trustees and 2 co-opted members.

The overall aim of the Huddersfield African Caribbean Cultural Trust (HACCT) is to advance, promote,
encourage and develop an appreciation of, and consistent participation in African and Caribbean
culture. This includes hosting, promoting and the organisation of community events, such as,
Huddersfield Annual Carnival, Street Arts, African/Caribbean traditions, Music and Crafts in
particular, but not exclusively, through the provision of art workshops, activities and events
throughout the year. As part of our development plan, we aim to establish and secure Fartown
Village Hall as a community asset and as well as promoting carnival arts, performance and visual

In summary, we aspire to develop and maintain a robust framework that will support and continue to benefit African Caribbean descendants residing across Kirklees. The Trust aims to make a positive contribution, driving the traditions of African Caribbean culture through delivering and supporting cultural arts and heritage.

Our mission is:

• to put heritage and arts at the very centre of delivery; engaging and supporting children, young adults, families and the older generation.

• increase the sustainability of HACCT and associated activities to maximize income generation and growth opportunities.

• influence the development in the practice of African Caribbean cultural arts across Kirklees and local training in carnival art forms.

• further develop a collective and collaborative working model across the borough and with all stakeholders – local, national and international.

• organise an annual programme culminating in Carnival Weekend

• secure a community building through an community asset transfer, build effective networks to provide social, welfare, recreation and leisure facilities which improve the lives of residents

• to provide an exciting range of community based activity, workshops and projects

• creating positive outcomes for children and young people, support for volunteers and community partners.

• to continue to work towards widening participation amongst diverse local communities

We further aspire to; 

Promote and celebrate the achievements of African Caribbean people: 

  • Black History Month Events 
  • Highlighting inspirational people 
  • Develop inspirers in communities to work in schools and youth centres for the benefit of members and residents.  

Support the community to promote a range of health and wellbeing initiatives and promoting awareness of key issues affecting the community: 

  • Prostrate & other Cancers 
  • Mental & Emotional Health 
  • Diabetes 
  • Dementia 
  • Hypertension 
  • Sickle Cell 
  • Substance Misuse 
  • Explore possibilities for opportunities for young people from the African Caribbean Community to take up Apprenticeship opportunities.
  • Canvass the Council and large employers to consider Positive Action Employee/training
  • Monitor education performance of African Caribbean children in schools
  • Promote success and good news stories during Black History Month.
  • learn more about the true nature of melanin and what it does for you!