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Lotto Fundraiser

Now you can support HACCT Trust small lottery to help raise funds towards securing Fartown Village Hall, our community building.

Every lottery entry costs only £12 per year giving you a £1 ticket to the prize draw every month. Half of the money raised will be paid out in prize money & the other half will be used for developing our community building or community events run by the Trust. There are many of ways you can pay but first complete our online entry form or you can buy from one of our trusted vendors.

You must be resident in Kirklees and be aged 16 years or over. Trustees of HACCT cannot enter the lottery.

Prize winners will be randomly drawn on the third Saturday of each month. The prize money will depend on the number of entries that month but it will always be half of the total purchases. There will always be 3 prizes, 1st prize will be 25% of the total, 2nd prize will be 15% and 3rd prize will be 10%. So if there are 200 entries the prizes will be £50, £30 & £20. More entries! More Money! All money raised is either paid out in prizes or goes back into the community. Every winner will be notified by a phone call, email or text message and names will be published on our website.
Enquiries about the lottery can be made to

HACCT Lottery